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Extractions and Wisdom Teeth

Tooth Extraction:

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket in the jaw bone. While it is always preferable to save a natural tooth, there are a number of reasons why a tooth extraction may be needed. We believe in conservative treatment and do our best to save the patients’ natural teeth whenever possible. We will recommend a course of action that is beneficial for you in the long run.

If a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved by your dentist, it may need to be removed. Typical cases include:
  • Excessive tooth damage caused by decay or injury
  • An infected tooth nerve that cannot be repaired with a
  • Loose teeth caused by
  • Preparation for other procedures like placing
  • Problematic wisdom teeth
  • Significant injury to a tooth that cannot be salvaged
  • Advanced periodontal disease that has caused damage to the supporting tissues and bone
Give us a call today at Mosaic Smile Care if you have a tooth that is badly infected, decayed or damaged. We will do a thorough check up and advise you of the best treatment in your case.

Wisdom Tooth Removal:

Wisdom teeth appear in the mouth usually between 16 to 25 years of age. They are the third and final molars in the back of the mouth. Many times, wisdom teeth grow sideway or remain trapped between the gums. In situations like this, inflammation, pain and even infection can be caused. These teeth are commonly removed to prevent more serious problems later on. In more serious cases, they may cause cysts, tumours or even destroy the jawbone and other healthy teeth around them. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or inflammation due to your wisdom teeth, come in for a consultation and we can advise you of the correct course of treatment.
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